Hobo Spiders, Brown Recluse, and other Indoor Spiders can cause serious injury to you, your kids, or your customers! Get SpiderExpert traps to protect yourself and those you love.

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They're 100% guaranteed to trap and eliminate indoor pests!

Our traps attract and eliminate ALL species of Spiders!

BigHTM traps contain an all-natural attractant effective against Hobo, Brown Recluse, and all other Indoor Spiders. Once trapped the spiders cannot escape. They usually die after a couple of days. Be careful when disposing of traps--SPIDERS MAY BE ALIVE! USE GLOVES!

Hobo and Brown Recluse Spiders can be very DANGEROUS!

When venom from a Hobo Spider or a Brown Recluse Spider is injected, the victim will usually experience an immediate redness around the bite that begins to disappear within a few hours. For the first 24 hours, the bite usually appears no worse than a mosquito bite; then it begins to blister in the center. Within 24 to 36 hours the blister breaks open, leaving an open, oozing ulceration. This ulceration 'scabs' over within three weeks leaving a permanent scar. If the bite is delivered in fatty tissue, the lesion may be very deep and extensive and not heal for two or three years.

Systematic reactions to Hobo Spider poisoning include severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, soreness and flu-like symptoms. In extreme cases where the bite was not taken care of early, skin graft, amputation, and the possibility of bone marrow failure may occur.

Identify A Spider   --   Hobo Spiders  --   Recluse Spiders  --   FAQ's  --   Q&A Forum

You may have Spiders and not know it!

Many people don't even realize they have a problem until they use our traps and see the traps fill with spiders. Don't wait until your loved one is bit to find out if you have Hobo or Brown Recluse Spiders.

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Works Best against HOBO and BROWN RECLUSE!

Other companies claim their traps work. Ours actually eliminate all types of indoor spiders when used properly. They are non-poisonous, contain a natural attracted that works on ALL spiders, and securely hold the trapped spiders.
Our traps can also be folded to help prevent your children and/or pets from getting caught up in them.

As a compliment to BigHTM traps, we offer Cobweb Eliminator, a non-poisonous, all-natural spray that works both indoors and outdoors to help control cobwebs. It will not stain and has no long lasting odor.

Cobweb Eliminator deteriorates the web's attachment points making for easy removal and maintains a neat, clean appearance. It also discourages the reformation of cobwebs.

Order BigHTM traps and Cobweb Eliminator to ensure your family's safety!

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25 BigHTM traps

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50 BigHTM traps

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1 bottle of Cobweb Eliminator just 14.90
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